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Friday, December 9, 2016

Williamsburg Day Three

It is now Friday and the retreat begins in earnest.  I have a class in the morning and in the afternoon for the next three days.  My roommate and I get up early to get some walking in.  It is just getting light as we began.

We walk until breakfast opens at the resort.  The breakfast is provided but it is nothing to write home about.  BFF#2 is staying in a condo on the resort and has a full kitchen.  Yesterday I went over to see her place and I got a decent cup of coffee.

I am very excited as my morning class is starting and I love the project which is a box.  Well, the afternoon class is a box too.  I have a thing for boxes evidently.  The morning class is lots of fun.  The teacher has a little treat to put in our box when we finish it.  She also talks about Fair Charlotte and I am very glad I bought one in the boutique yesterday.  After she talks about Charlotte many women head off to the boutique to get one.  We also talk about the special stitches in the piece.  I can't wait to get started.  I've made up the little felt bunny that is in the additional kit I bought in the boutique yesterday.  It is so cute.  Oh fun, fun, fun.  It is hard to concentrate and stitch in class.  Oh when I get home, I'll get this made.  This is Molly.  She let me use her glue stick.  She is just the nicest person.

We have two hours for lunch.  We go over to the restaurant and I have a guilty pleasure, a hot dog.  Yum.  I see a baby wearing the very moccasins I just bought for Evan for Christmas.  I guess they are the "in" thing for babies.
Then I am in the afternoon class.  The teacher had a hard time conveying her instructions.  But we go through the written instructions.  A page from the directions is missing but she'll bring it tomorrow.  She also gave the quilt template plastic to the morning class and it was meant for the afternoon class.  She'll fix that tomorrow too.  It sure is fun to be in class with my BFF and BFF#2 as well as other friends.  I think I'll make a few changes to the design.
We went to downtown Williamsburg for dinner on Friday night.  This is the busiest weekend of the year for Williamsburg  Torrie told me about a candy store and I really wanted to go there.  It was called Wythe and bo, was it a good store.  I got lots of candy (great chocolate covered orange peel!).  Then we found a place to eat.  It was just a small place.  Four of the five of us got macroni and cheese of some sort.  It was weird as two guys came in, one was pushing the other in a wheelchair.  The guy not in the wheelchair was waiting at the counter and bent over spilling a whole bunch of ammo out of his backpack.  Yikes.  Why would he have a ton of ammo???

We spent the rest of the evening in our room stitching.  My roommate was determined to finish a small from her morning class and she did.
It was another full day.


  1. Oh you sweet gal! True to your word 😊

  2. Love to hear about the seminar, but I'm so curious about which classes you took - I know you said you couldn't post pictures of the projects ... or at least the project from one of the designers, but I'm dying of curiosity, LOL.

  3. I hope we can see your projects when you finish them.