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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I finally found the wool felt that I had been looking for.

It was hiding in the closet.  In a bag.  This is why I wanted it:
I bought this pattern on Etsy from   It can be done in a variety of colors.

This is one of several patterns for the 12 days of Christmas.

Now I have all the pieces, I can actually try it.  I was able to buy the pattern and download it.  Instant gratification.  I got some of this water soluble paper stuff to print the pattern on.
You are supposed to shrink the wool felt before you make it.  Then you put the printed pattern on the felt and stitch right through it.

When you are done, you have to soak the felt and the paper disappears.
There is a line on the pattern that is supposed to be 4 inches.  Then you know you have printed it to the right size.  My line is only 3.75 inches.  I have to goof around with it a little.  So I have a little more preparation to do before I can begin.
It is much warmer today, 13 degrees.  I've been to the Y.  I'm hoping Mr. Mailman brings me a couple of packages today.  But never fear, I have plenty to work on.


  1. I ran across this designer's patterns and it was the first time I felt tempted to buy one. Can't wait to see the finished product! Good luck with the printer.