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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Like It's Christmas

I got a couple of packages in the mail yesterday.  Thank you, Mr. Mailman.  One was my Paper Pumpkin kit for December.  I watched a YouTube video so I knew what was going to be in the kit.

 It will be fun to make.  It is a little album.  I'm going to print out some photos of my year and make a monthly album.  That will be fun.
I watched a FlossTube video where the lady showed all her finishes for the year.  I wonder how many things I got done this year.  I remember a few of the big things but I'd like to see what I did.

Then I also got a couple of charts that I ordered.  I had never heard of the designer All Through the Night.  I saw a cute pattern on a blog.  So I looked it up and ordered a couple.

 This is a card for a stitchy friend.  Cute design.

Later today we get to see Claire and Evan open their Christmas presents on FaceTime.  I'm so excited.  That is the real fun of Christmas, kids.

I'm hoping the digital thermometer that I ordered gets here today so I can make more fudge and caramel corn for the neighbors. Hopefully there will be some leftover for us.

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