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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Williamsburg Day Four

It is now Saturday at the Williamsburg retreat. I forgot to tell you yesterday about our gifts. Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the retreat we get a gift.  There are little slips behind our name tag for each day.  When we turn it in at the desk, we get a present.  The first day this was our present.  Very nice:

With pockets on the inside.  I like the fabric on the outside of mine.

Then we got this on Saturday (I think):

My roommate and I went walking again this morning.  She is helping me keep on track with my steps.

We are back in the morning class.  We get another little gift!  Yesterday we got a half walnut shell to make a little pin cushion. I love it!  There is a sheet that shows several different ways to finish it.
Today we got an antique little ball of thread and a picture of a hare to cut out and put on each end.  Cute.

Class ended a little early because today there is a luncheon for everybody at the retreat.  It is a buffet.  I got a BBQ slider and soup and three desserts (what can I say, they were small!).  It was very fun talking to everyone and getting to hear Polly's New York accent.  Fun.

Then in the afternoon, our brains were fried.  The teacher's brains were fried too.  She was trying to explain how this box is put together.  But we weren't getting it. Where does the template plastic go?  Where does the skirtex go?  What leg of the four-sided stitch goes to the back stitch?  ARGH.  Several of us left early.  Going until 6 pm is just too much anyway.  But we were going on an adventure.  We drove down to Virginia Beach (at rush hour and in the dark).  It is about an hour away.  We met Ann and Pat at their favorite restaurant.  There was pizza involved.  Yeah!  We had such fun talking with them - and eating.  They never get dessert there.  Well, that has to be remedied.  We got four desserts and shared them.  I my humble opinion, the tiramisu was best.  I ate too much!  I got a white pizza.  I had been craving pizza so this was great. We had some very yummy garlic rolls too.  After the restaurant, we went to Dying to Stitch.  Polly had something she had to pick up.  I love it!  A chance to shop at a needlework store is not to be missed.   I found a couple more treasures.
Isn't this cute?

We drove home and got back pretty late.  My roommate was already asleep.  I was exhausted.  But what a fun day!

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  1. I'm sorry your class was confusing, I hope your project works out ok.
    Great gifts!