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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Trip Part 2

I learned a lot about having a new baby this trip. I had forgotten how hard it is to have no sleep and be responsible for keeping this wiggling, crying, pooping baby happy. I don't remember my kids being so difficult but maybe they were. Claire is only 4 weeks old and is so tiny. Son#2 and DIL were tired and not wanting any company so we only came over when invited. I got to hold the baby everyday and even feed her a bottle. But she was not happy or calm most of the time. The equipment they have for babies is astounding: co-sleeper, Mamaroo thing that moves in various ways, they haven't even used the crib yet. They can't take her out until she has her shots at 8 weeks so they are stuck at home. We wished we could have helped in some way.
I went to Eddie's Quilting Bee. It is mostly a fabric and sewing machine store. I wanted to get some Udderly Smooth hand lotion and a pair of scissors there as I had mislaid my thread cutter and didn't want to chew threads off. One of the things I wanted to do while I was there was get an In and Out Burger and I did that twice. Then on our last day we went to the Intel Museum. DH and Son#1 are computer people so they understood all the stuff. I just looked at the pictures and bought souvenirs.
I saw a little scissor fob made by The Inspired Stitcher and that was one of the projects I took on this trip. We had a lot of down time and I finished it.
Son#1 got some great pictures and I have a wonderful picture of me holding Claire as my screen saver.
I am back to working on Vierlande Winder Keeper and enjoying it very much. I am loving the posts on Thistle Threads about the casket class I will be taking. I am so lucky.

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  1. Welcome back! What a beautiful photo of you and Claire. She's a little darling isn't she.