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Monday, February 13, 2012

Back to Monday

I love the beginning of a new week. I'm in the midst of bathroom cleaning but wanted to post while DH is at the store. I got Claire's name stitched on her birth announcement and it looks good (not off center!).
I got this applique design when I was at Eddie's Quilting Bee. They had it made up in the shop and it was so cute. They did it in bolder colors of wool and the the bird stood out way more and was darling. I don't do much applique but this looked so sweet all made up.
I stitched a couple of motifs on the Vierlande Winders Keeper. I worked on it while watching the Grammy Awards last night so I hope I don't go back and find errors today. I didn't read or work on Better a small fish. Maybe this afternoon.
I have a mango and kiwi to cut up with Dylan today. I don't know if he will try them. I am taking the smoothie making machine again. I'm making some heart cookies in honor of Valentine's Day for him (and me!). I got him a light up ball and yoyo at the Intel Museum. I can give those to him today.
Back to bathrooms...

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