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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Done Done

I had some computer issues yesterday. A bad scan file in my pictures prevented me from uploading any photos. What is a good post without pictures? We spent over an hour today trying to resolve what the problem was. At first we thought it was my Camedia program. Then maybe using a Canon camera with Olympus software. It looks like a bad scan totally messed my pictures up. Hopefully, I can work around that problem.
I finished the pink hat. It is cute but it is time to evaluate. It looks a little small. I can't really find if it is too small until I send it and see how it fits on Claire. It is a little rough. The yarn catches on things like rough hands. I'm not so fond of the yarn. I'd use different yarn next time. I would not have the white go up quite so far on the stem. The stem might look cute longer and curled over (like in the photo in the book) and in a lighter color. The hat went together pretty well for this novice knitter. I think I could do it better next time. I bought some new yarn and am tempted to try again.
I finished Claire's birth announcement as well. I thought it should have hearts on it somewhere. I like how it turned out. It isn't too huge and will be a nice size when it is framed. I'll have to order a frame and mat.
I have a very good start on the Ort bag/box thingie. I know it will get more difficult since I need to stitch it four times. It could get tedious. I also got down to the corner on Vierlande Winders Keeper. I have one stitch in that should not be there. How to fix it without making a ton of work for myself? Or should I just leave it?
In the back of my mind are a few things I have been ignoring. The Shepherd's Bush afghan. Winter's Cottage. I heard that the pre-stitching kits for the Merry Cox workshops have been sent. Yeah!


  1. Way to go, Amy! Both a hat and a birth announcement, that is awesome! Love the hat, it is adorable.

  2. Amy, pleased to read this blog. I had visions of you really ill and unable to stitch, knit or blog! That hat is so cute. I love the birth announcement - it is so feminine. Have a good weekend