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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Pink Hat

I got my books yesterday. I was very excited to start the flower hat. The first part was to use the long tail method to cast on stitches. Luckily this book has diagrams of how to do that. I had seen a youtube video when I was contemplating knitting socks but I had forgotten how. After a few tries, I got it. Then after the first round of knitting I realized that the needles I had wouldn't do. They were 29 inchers and the pattern calls for 16 inchers. So I ran right out and got the right size. So finally I was able to start. It was a nice break to knit instead of stitch. I got up to the point where I have to decrease and switch to three double pointed needles. I just spent a half an hour looking for some. Surely I had some somewhere. Yep. I found them. Is is possible? Could I finish this hat today? We'll see.
I got pizzas yesterday for Dylan and me. His school is just a revelation on kids at risk. As I was walking in, I saw one kid beating on another. They looked to be kindergarten age. Then as I was walking down the hall, another kindergartener was chanting "b i * c h" over and over. Did he know what he was spelling or just repeating what he had heard? Then Dylan asks me to guess how old he is on Facebook. Good Heavens. 23. Oh my. We had fun with Snap Circuits.
I want to do at least a little bit today on the birth announcement and Vierlande Winders Keeper. It's great to have the rest of the day to work with.

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  1. Amy, I love the hat. It is sooo cute. Pleased to hear that Dylan ate the pizza - you are certainly making progress there too, not just with the stitching! Have a good day.