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Thursday, February 9, 2012

And Little Nell was Tied to the Railroad Track....

I'm back! Whew it is great to be home.
When I last posted, we were concerned because we were notified that our plane would be late and worried that we wouldn't make the next plane to San Jose. We got to the airport and found that the plane was delayed 40 minutes (even more!). All we could do is sit and wait. I made a very bad decision at the time to eat a bag of SunChips and drink some Pepsi. Boy, would I be sorry later. Well, the plane finally showed up and they quick took off. The flight to MN is scheduled for 1 1/2 hours but it really only takes 50 minutes. So we made up some of the time. Oh yeah, on the way to the airport (only 5 minutes from our house) I realized I forgot my cellphone. I never use it anyway except for long distance. We couldn't decide whether to go back and get it or not. Eventually we decided not to get it as son#1 will have his cellphone. When we get to MN, we think have about 10 minutes to make the plane. So we quickly start walking 10 gates away. Then we hear our names being paged for the flight. So we start running! We are almost there when we see son#1 with a cart. He has tried to call us four times. But luckily we make it just in time. There are actually a few people who get on after us. What stress and worry! But we made it! The flight to SJ is soooo long. Halfway through the flight my stomach is killing me. I hate foreign bathrooms but end up going several times on the plane. ARGH. We make it to SJ. I am in great pain as we pick up our rental car and drive to the hotel.
DH gets me some Tylenol and we fall into (a very comfortable) bed exhausted. But we made it. Tomorrow holds the promise of seeing Claire.
On the plane I stitched on Twisted Oaks Garden Ball and the Shepherd's Bush kit. The light wasn't all that good but it gave me something to do.

Here is me, looking like death warmed over, holding Claire for the first time. I didn't want to stop holding her. More tomorrow!

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