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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


How can it be February?? I'm not ready!
I have been back to exercise two days so far. I am doing well and keeping up. I stopped by Barnes & Noble (because I had a gift card) and bought the strongest glasses they have! 2.75. One of the most important things for me to stitch is to be able to see what I am stitching. The Vierlande project is over 2 on 32. It shouldn't be a problem, even on a darker fabric. I just wanted to see if it made a difference. It does help a bit. I could see better before I got sick so I wonder if that had anything to do with it. I saw an advertisement on TV for a pill you can take for vision. I'm tempted. But I am not going to try anything new before our trip.
We are meeting friends at a brew pub tonight. That will be fun. It would be great if the brew pub makes their own rootbeer. Then we are coming back here to see our finished kitchen and to have cherry pie. I actually can't eat the cherries very well so I may make cupcakes too. We'll see.
I worked a bit on Vierlande and made good progress. I wanted to get to the deer and I did. I kept getting interrupted. Then it takes time to settle down and get back to where you were. It is like every interruption costs a half an hour in work.
It is time! Time to take down Christmas pictures and rotate to spring pictures.
I'm going to take a pair of shorts to California. I'm going to have an IN-N-OUT Burger. Looking forward to getting to know Claire.

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  1. Amy, great progress! The fabric looks lovely - has it got a slight mottled effect to it? I had a giggle to myself about your new glasses. Some years ago I had the optometrist make me a special pair of embroidery glasses so that I could see clearly. I only really need them for 35 count or higher and, as you say, for darker fabric. Not long now till California! Pleased to hear you are feeling better.