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Friday, February 3, 2012

Last Post Before Leaving

We leave later today. We are leaving even later than we thought. Our plane's take-off time has been delayed by half an hour. This worries us like crazy because we only had 45 minutes between planes. Now we only have 15 minutes. Will our luggage make it? What if we don't make it??? We may be spending the night in Minneapolis. It's always something. I am just going to be optimistic and think that yes, we will make it and we will deal with whatever happens.
I spent a bunch of time last night kitting up some stuff to take. I have a small Shepherd's Bush kit that will be fun. I saw my friend Margaret start this Twisted Threads garden ball. She solved my problem with it. I bought the kit two years ago with all the threads but I didn't really like the different pastels fabrics it was stitched on. Margaret did it on a different material. Perfect. That's what I'll do too. Then for insurance I took some Prairie Schooler ornaments. I am half way through Death Comes to Pemberley. I bet I can finish it on the trip. So I am all set. The hair is cut, colored and even curled. I am excited to give Claire the sweet pink cardigan that Margaret's mother made. And yes, the camera battery is charged and ready to take millions of pictures of that sweet baby.
With all the excitement, not too much stitching got done yesterday. I took a photo of my Vierlande fabric next to white to you could see it is much darker that it looks in the other photo.
Thanks for all you good wishes for our trip.

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  1. Have a great trip and lots of fun with Claire.