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Sunday, June 11, 2017


It is the warmest morning of the year so far.  I was tired walking this morning.  But now I can laze.  I have been working on the top of the My Stitcher's Heart.

It is going pretty well.  I haven't decided yet what to do about the color of the box.  It looks better in the photos.

I finished up the front side of the scissors case.  I'll start the back today.

Since I'm old, I decided I should not waste my time stitching things I don't like.  I don't really care for the last Barbara Jackson egg so I'm going to put that kit away.  She is going to be coming out with other eggs (she taught three different eggs for Celebration of Needlework) so I'll wait for those.
Claire and Evan are out of town today so we won't get to talk to them.  I'm out of town next Sunday so I'll miss them again.  Boo hoo.
I have to start thinking of packing - and eating donuts - and shopping at the Attic!


  1. It's looking great.
    Lucky you, you get to go to The Attic!!

  2. Love your stitching
    So pretty x

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