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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Another Egg

I finished up the Barbara Jackson egg.  It turned out fine.

I started the bottom of the Just Nan Summer House.  There are actually two bottoms that will be attached to each other.

I also am working on a scissors case from the June retreat last year.  I kind of wanted to get it done before this year's retreat that starts on Friday.  We'll see.

I colored my hair.  It has a bit of a pink cast to it.  That will wash out eventually.  One of these days my hair will be all white and I won't have to do this.
I've been to the Farmer's Market.  I was so good, I didn't buy any candy.  We are expecting a very warm week with temperatures in the 90's.  I bet that Phoenix will be hotter than that.  But as we always say, it's a dry heat!


  1. Your pieces are really pretty. We are supposed to have 90s this week too although we are traveling to CA where it will be in the 70s. Much better.

  2. The Egg is sop pretty.
    Can't wait to see more of the Mouse House.


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