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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Good Mail

When I went to Spring Fling I saw a little heart pillow that Barb and Alma made using a very pretty red linen.  It was an overdyed.  I really liked the color.  It was called Tango from Picture This Plus.  Then when I was at the Betsy Morgan classes, I saw the Elegant Stitch Breast Cancer piece done on a red fabric instead of the called for light pink.  I loved it.  So I ordered some Tango overdyed fabric and I just got it yesterday.  I really like it.  I chose Belfast 32 linen. 

 I want to try stitching on this and see if I like it or not.  Of course, since I was ordering, I got a couple of other colors too.  

I don't have any plans of what to stitch on them but I'm sure I'll find something.  
I've seen a lot of Picture This Plus linen while watching FlossTube.  I guess red is a really difficult color to get consistent results.  I don't like overdyed linen that just looks dirty and like someone stomped on it.  
The weather has been just beautiful this week.  Very nice walking weather.  
Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. You received some beautiful fabrics from PTP. What are the blues that you bought?

  2. Great choice of fabrics.
    Tango is gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful
    Love and smiles x

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