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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Retreat Day Two

I forgot to tell you about the gifts we got at the retreat.  They will be very useful.  The first is a little measure.  How handy!
Next we got a beautiful wood laying tool/awl.  Love it.
We also got a scissors fob.

On Saturday I woke up early and went walking again.  The golf club across the street was really busy.  

It is going to be even hotter today.  But our classroom is frigid.  BFF#2 wore a sweater.  We are working on the tape measure cover.  Mine goes pretty well but I made the opening a little tight and I couldn't get the tape to retract.  So I had to cut the stitching and open it up, then restitch it.  Now it is fine. 

We also worked on the little bolster pin cushion.  It will fit into the box of the etui along with a thimble holder.

The pin cushion is filled with walnut shells.  

At lunch I got to choose salmon.  Perfect.  
After lunch everybody who made the socks put them out to be judged by bozos.  I'm a sore loser.  There were five entries and I got last place.  Mine really were the best.  
The stuffed cat got first place.

I felt really good that I got the three smalls done.  I started the main piece but didn't get very far.  BFF and I decided to go to a shop that Barbara had given us a business card for.  It was called Scottsdale Qults so we and Matilda went to check it out after class.
It was really hot outside and in the car.  It was fun to see what the quilt place had.  I hadn't seen a store that carries Cosmo floss.  They had the whole line and the variegated too.  I bought a couple to try and the owner let us pick a free one too.  They also had some Sue Spargo stuff and I bought some to use in my Sue Spargo class in October.  I found a cute kit for a felt design and some striped trim.  

The retreat was over too soon!  We had our last dinner with everybody.  We had a chance to say goodbye.  Most are leaving tomorrow.  

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  1. LOL, funny about the socks and Bozos. :)
    There weren't many entries.
    Cute tape measure and trims.