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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Oh Deer

It didn't feel like I got much done yesterday.  Maybe I spent too much time goofing around on the computer.  I might get a new IPad so I had to check out features, sizes and prices.  Then I read that new models will come out in the spring.  Do I wait?  I'm still gathering information.

I worked on my bucolic scene for the back of my trinket box.  I got a sheep in.

 The next big animal is a deer.  I'm hoping that I figured correctly and that his antlers will fit the design area.  Fingers crossed!  So that is my goal for today - stitch a deer.
I need an alternate project when I get tired of or need a break from the trinket box.  It will be fun to pick something else to work on.  I'm feeling a little guilty today as DH is washing and waxing my car.  (I hate to do that!)  I'll have to be especially sweet.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE how this is turning out! It's going to be gorgeous!