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Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween House

All this week, I've been trying to remember to take my camera with me on my walk so I can take a picture of the Halloween House.  Whoever lives there decorates up a storm for Halloween.  Today I remembered!  It was a little dark when I started out walking.

But by the time I got to the bridge the sun was coming up.
I worked a bit on filling the gap on the trinket box.  But I am sick of it at the moment.
The bird I had was too big to fit.  I wonder if this is enough.
So I picked up something completely different.  Mistress L has been patiently waiting to be finished  on her edges.  I nagged at my friend Paola to finish off her Mistress L.  Since mine is now finished I have to put money where my mouth is and do mine.  So I got out my Amy Mitten sampler, Mute But Not Silent so I could remember how I did it last time.

 I decided on how many threads away from design (six) and then I pulled four threads out.  I left another 34 threads for the hem and cut off the rest.

 Now I just need to stitch all the way around it and the hem will be done.

 Then I love how Amy Mitten does her samplers.  She puts handkerchief linen on the back.  But while I was stitching I discovered a flower that was not done!

I have to go back and fill in the center of this flower.


  1. Beautiful embroidery!
    I'm scared :-)))
    I send greetings!

  2. The house is great!! Beautiful stitchery!

  3. Thanks for the hemstitching tip! What fun Halloween decorations at that house.

  4. What a cool Halloween house.
    Mistress L will be so pretty all finished off.