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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Near Disaster

I was working away on the Pioneer Girl's Book Etui when I realized I was running out of room.  Uh-oh.  Something's not right.  Turns out that the backstitching around the design was twenty threads too short!  Do I have to scrap everything I've stitched?!?!?  I hate to waste linen and I was very close to the edge.  I had my fingers crossed that I would have enough room and enough seam allowance.  So I took out the incorrect stitches and put in the right ones.  I am so happy, it fits - but just barely.

I should be more careful next time.

I glued the paper to the back of the trinket box stitching using the Yes glue.  You really have to be careful not to use too much of that glue.  I got a bit too much on in places even after smoothing it out with a credit card.  I've cut the edges of the box and wrapped it around checking the fit.  I've got rubber bands around it.

 The seam looks pretty good.

 The next step is to glue the paper to the paper covered box.  It is starting to take shape now.  I have some edging trim for the top edge.

 I think this is going to look good - fingers crossed!

I've printed my boarding passes and need to finish packing.  I'll be back next week with a full report.


  1. Box is looking good!! How fun! Yikes with that edge- soo close!

  2. Box looks wonderful, wish I dared try something like it.

  3. Box is looking great! Trying to track what you're doing - am thinking you've glued the stitching to the paper (with your new glue), but you also glue paper to the box and then glue paper to paper? Or am I hopelessly confused?

    Glad you had just enough fabric for the Pioneer Girl's book.

  4. The box turned out gorgeous.
    have fun, we'll be waiting for a report. :)