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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Filling In the Gaps

Filling in the gaps between the two designs on the trinket box is my goal for today.

 I got the back design all done.

I stitched some of the miscellaneous parts on the back.  I think it is done.  I've wrapped the design around the box to check the sizing.

 All that is left is to fill in this gap.  It is a bit wider on the joining side.

 I've got a few ideas.  I think a bird and an apple will do it but I have to put those in and see if more needs to be done. I almost forgot, I need to finish off the border on the bottom.  I am almost afraid to say it, I am nearly done.  If I add two stitches to the "5" in 2015, I think I can make it look like a "6".

 This has taken forever.  I really wanted to put it down yesterday and work on something else.  But I am sooooo close to a finish.  Of course, I still have to glue it to the box.  Oh yeah, I pulled off the top - again.  It was curling up at the corners.

 I want to try the "Yes" glue this time.  This has certainly been a learning experience.

Very pleasant walking this morning but rain is on the way.  I'm excited to see photos from the Needlework Galleria in St. Charles.  I ordered some fabric from Liberty of London.  I want to make a blouse.  It's my kind of fabric, there are flowers all over it.


  1. You've made a lot of progress this week.
    Looks great.