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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Let's Make a Box

That's my goal for today, to make a box.  I finished the stitching on the hive box lid.

 I even ironed it.  Now to turn it into a box.  Then I'll feel like I am making progress on the Pioneer Girl's Book Etui.

Strike while the iron is hot!  (That's a saying my Dad used to say.  He thought it was funny.)  I also ironed the lining for Mistress L.  I told Paola that I would bring Mistress L to Williamsburg and have it all lined so she could see.  So now I have to get busy and do it.  At least the first step has been taken.  I need to pin it on but first I have to go back and check if I need to do any more stitching.  I put my initials near the alphabet but there is a space left.

 The AW looks like AM because of the font.  If I add a y then it would look like "Amy".  I've been trying to decide whether to do that.  It is now or never.  When I stitched the queens the first time for my casket, I put little paillettes (spangles) in the background.  Do I add those?

 Again, it is now or never.   What do you think Paola?

I got the label on The Owl and the Pussycat.

 There is more that goes on around the label but that is done later.  The next step is leaves on a Bong tree.  I've never heard of that kind of tree.  I'll have to google it.

I've just looked at the Home Sweet Home posts on Janet Granger's blog.  Oh, my, I want to get back to making that.  What has stopped me?  A leaf.  Or should I say a lack of confidence in embroidering a leaf.

It was 65 degrees for walking this morning.  Lovely!


  1. I have that house book too,so be encouraged you are further on than me as I still have to sort my threads so yet to start. :) Thinking of putting it as part of my list to start in January 2017. Happy Stitching.

  2. Everything is coming along nicely.
    That house is too cute.

  3. HI Amy
    I am looking forward to seeing your finished sampler.
    I ma not sure about the pailletes .....but if you have used them on another piece you have something to look at to help you in the decision.
    I am also sending "positive vibes" encouraging you to finish your beautiful
    Home sweet home ( I know you can do it)!!!