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Monday, October 10, 2016

Busy Week

I have a busy week this week.  I'm leaving for a conference early on Thursday morning,  That means I have to pack and get ready.  BFF#2 will be back in town for a couple of days.  I hope we can get together and stitch.  The bathrooms are clean.  The sun is shining.

I have been putting in at least one long thread in the hemstitching for Mistress L.  I am just over half done.  Maybe I can finish that up today.   It looks so much smaller when it is hemmed.

 I am ready to put paper on the back of the trinket box parts.  I have to iron them and stretch them.  Ugh.  But I would love to have that done.

I've been seeing all these full coverage pieces on FlossTube.  I wanted to put some stitches in my BAP.  So I dug it out and tried to figure out where I was.  Not easy.

 How do you not get lost in this?  I have one chart page done.  I'm working on page two at the moment.  I don't know how to "park".   I tried watching a video (it was on diagonal parking) and it was so confusing.  I decided to let this marking tape be my friend and help me figure out where I am.  So I put tape on my chart and tape on my piece.  I'm putting a big X on the chart squares I have finished.  That's the only way to get a sense of accomplishment on this.  I don't think I could work on this and have anything to show on this blog.  Do I stop blogging?  Do I show it anyway?


  1. Trinket box is going to be gorgeous! Uh, I mean your stitching already *is* but the finished box will be amazing.

    Re your BAP - I look at huge solid-stitched pieces people are doing and I just cannot conceive doing something like that. Saw a pic on ... somebody's blog who was stitching a solid piece and the parked threads looked almost like in-process weaving on a loom!

    Looks like Mistress L is almost ready to hang somewhere - that should make you feel a seriously big sense of accomplishment.

  2. 2 great projects almost done!
    They are so pretty.
    Is that BAP the baby ghosts?
    PLEASE don't stop blogging.
    I love seeing all of your interesting projects.

  3. Your trinket box is amazing! Very intimidating for me, lol! I also love the hemstitching to finish off Mistress L. As for your BAP, I think you should keep blogging the progress you make, especially when you have a page finish. That's huge when stitching one of those, lol!