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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Me Too

I saw someone on her blog started The Pioneer Girl's Book Etui by Betsy Morgan.  (Was that you Stasi?)  Hey, I want to make that too!  I have that project so I could start it.

 I just have to find it.  No small feat.  I found the bag of materials.

 Now where are the chart and instructions?  I spent 45 minutes the other day just looking for it.  No luck.  Then the day before yesterday I was standing in my sewing room, hands on my hips, thinking where should I look next?  I looked down and there is was.  Duh.

 I had started the pulling out of threads and replacing them with a blue thread.  It was just a tad tedious.  I wanted to start the actual stitching.  So I did.  It seems like I am stitching on large count fabric since I've spent a lot of time lately working over one or on 40 count linen.  So this seems quite easy.  This will be the cover of a book shaped box.

 I have really been enjoying following Betsy's progress on the 100 days project.  She is keeping up with it and finding very interesting blackwork shapes to stitch.  I think she is up to maybe day 44.  I would love to see the whole design when she is done with all the days.

I sent Evan's Christmas stocking off this week along with a couple of books for Claire.  I want to thank Maria for her tips on working with the felt stocking kit.  She made stitching the stocking way easier.  We'll get to talk to them this afternoon.
It is a lovely sunny day.  Happy Sunday!


  1. A lovely find to stitch and make up. I must look out for this pattern as I`d enjoy stitching this up. Happy Stitching.

  2. Another interesting project.