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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Good Mail

I got a kit that I ordered in the mail yesterday.  This kit had to come all the way from Tasmania.  I saw this made up at a retreat last June. (Great work Rebecca!)  It was just gorgeous.  So I tracked it down and was able to buy it.  I ordered it in July but the order got lost.  After emailing the designer, I got great service and it arrived here lickedy split.  It is called Birdcage, by Gary Clarke.

I have one other kit by him (that I haven't started yet).  The design is printed on a muslin fabric.  Then you embroider over the printed pattern.  I wasn't sure how it would go.  I tried stitching it just to see if I could make it look good.  (See, I'm being good and using a hoop)

This is a box that when opened will lay flat and have pockets for packages of needles in each side.  Then there is a domed top.  I have four sides of the bottom to stitch on and four sides of the top dome.

Today was the last farmer's market for the year for me as I will miss it next week.  I'll be at Winterthur for a conference.  It was 46 degrees this morning. It's getting cooler in the mornings.  I saw a few trees that are turning color.  I got some Halloween candy and the mini Junior Mint boxes have disappeared already.


  1. Gorgeous stash addition! Is it mostly worked in metallics?

  2. This is gorgeous.
    An interesting project, for sure.