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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I'm late posting today because I have been shopping.  The torturous kind of shopping.  I needed a nice dress for Son#1's wedding.  After trying on ten dresses, I got a dress.  I rarely dress up.  I have very few actual dresses, usually it is a skirt and top of some kind.  But Yeah! I found a dress that will do and a pair of heels.
I just need a haircut (trim) and I'm all set.
Now for a stitchy update.  I have finished Just Nan's Witchy.

 She is cute and I like that all the embellishments were included with the chart.  The only thing I needed to add was a toothpick.

I like the button on the bottom.

I got the Just Cross Stitch Ornament edition in the mail.

I one I really like is the Victoria Sampler stocking.

  Next on the like list is Jackie's skate.
I also got the latest edition of Shepherd's Fold.  It is a pin cushion.

 I have the same problem with it that I had with the box top.  The basket of flowers is way bigger than the house.  Something will be changed with this one.


  1. So sweet *.*
    Love the stitch lady ornament :)

  2. Your ornament is so lovely.
    I'm happy for your shopping :-)

  3. Witchy Mouse is too cute.
    Great projects lines up.