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Friday, September 12, 2014


The Salty Yarns Trip: Day Three
I'm finally here is Ocean City.  No time to dilly-dally.  I got up early because I had two objectives before class: walking and a Fractured Prune donut.  Walking on the boardwalk was wonderful.  The sun was just coming up, peeking through the clouds.  Not many people are on the boardwalk early in the morning.  The weather was mild.

See how calm the water is?  This will change before I leave Ocean City.  I walk north to the end of the boardwalk, touch the sign and walk south back past the Lankford Hotel.
I get to the Fractured Prune just as they are opening up at a few minutes before 8.  Oh the dilemma of choosing what donut to get.  I go with the Peppermint Patty.
Yum.  Not much is open yet on the Boardwalk but a popular place is Dunkin' Donuts.  I get some good coffee there and an egg thing.
I get ready for class when I get back to the hotel.  I put on my crazy shoes.  I like to wear them the first day of a needlework class along with one of the pins I've made.
I'm so excited.  We are having class in Sara's dining room.  We make the trek up to the third floor of the building.  I'm sitting with my friend Terry and Sara.

Jackie has a table of her projects sitting out.  It is fun to see some new things.

Some of these things will be in Jackie's booth at Williamsburg.  Yeah!  Maybe I'll have a chance to buy some of them.
Today we are making The Fair Maiden's Workbag.  It is based on an antique bag at the DeWitt Museum in Williamsburg.  What an interesting bag!  It has a drawer, a top that opens and a rounded compartment.  I love the lining materials, a pink and green check silk dupioni and a green silk with dragonflies on it.  Gorgeous.  Jackie goes through all the materials and directions.  It is way more intricate than I thought.  This will be challenging.  What imagination and clever finishing went into this piece.

There are lots of paillettes on this piece.  I just love it.  Where to start?  There is a lot of reverse chain stitch around the edge and on the stripes.  Jackie gives us a small needlebook kit to practice on.  We are working with some special thread that is 22 dollars a spool.  I love that we are using new materials and techniques.  I don't get very much done but my head is full of information.  
 I am so impressed with the quality of the materials in this kit.  Everything is top-notch.
When class is over I decide to walk down the boardwalk to a jewelry store.  It is Saturday and what if the store is not open on Sunday? I better go today.  There is a necklace I want to check out.  I love Paola's mermaid necklace and want to see it in person.  

I've found it online and want to see the price of it in the store.  I am undecided about whether to get it or not.  The jewelry store is way at the south end of the boardwalk.  Boy is the boardwalk crowded on a Saturday afternoon.  I walk down and get to the store.  The ladies in the store do not help me until I am walking out.  They have the necklace and it is the right size, not too large.  But their price is way more than online and doesn't include the chain.  I think I want to buy stitching stuff more than a necklace today.  Time to shop at Salty Yarns.  How great is it to have a needlework store right next door to where you are staying?  There is so much to see in the store.  I show Sally my show and tell stuff.
Terry, Janet and I decide to go to Piezano's for dinner.  They have pizza and other stuff.  We have a great time and many laughs.  I talk Janet into going to a candy store nearby.  I just love chocolate covered orange peel.
What a great day it has been!  I have a record number of steps: 19,225.  Another day of class tomorrow!

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  1. Aww everything is so sweet..
    So cute and so much fun..
    Hugs x