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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Salty Yarns Trip:  Day Number One
The plan was to leave at 8:40 a.m. and arrive at 11:53 a.m. at Salisbury Airport.  Ginny (who I planned to meet in Philadelphia) had rented a car and we would drive to the Lankford Hotel.
Nice plan, didn't work out.
DH drove me to the airport which was not the close airport but the one that is over an hour away.  It was lightning and beginning to rain on the way.  That was an omen to my day.
This airport is in the second largest city in my state.  I expected it to be very busy.  It was not.  But I got all checked in, baggage taken care of etc.  Said goodbyes to DH and went to my gate.
(You can't see this very well, but it is rainy like crazy outside)
 As it got time to board, the announcement came that there were some mechanical issues with the plane and it would leave an hour late.  That would mean I would miss my connection to Salisbury.  Oh well, they signed me up for a later flight.  I can deal with that.  After waiting over an hour at my gate, I decided to go get a bagel and some coffee.  I walked down a couple of gates to the bagel place and got the stuff.  I didn't sit down and eat it there.  I carried it back to eat at my gate.  But when I got to my gate, nobody was there.  What happened?  Where did they go?  Did they change to another gate?  I walked down the corridor checking all seven gates and there were no gate agents to even ask.  What do I do?  Thank goodness when
I walked back to my gate I saw a couple of ladies who I recognized had been at the gate earlier.  I asked them what happened and they said the flight was cancelled.  Cancelled?  Oh, no!  What do I do now?
I had to go clear down passed security, out to the check in desk and rebook.
Guess who was the very last person in line to rebook because she went to get a bagel?

I waited two hours in line to rebook. Ugh.  There was absolutely nothing left.  I have to come back tomorrow.
DH had to drive up to the airport again and pick me up.  I was quite disappointed.
When I got back home I went and got some fabric glue and finished up the fabric basket.  Now it is done.

I started working on Just Nan's Witchy.

She just needs her beads and I can put her together.
We'll try this all again tomorrow.  My impression of US Air is not very good at this point.


  1. What a big, fat bummer! Hope it goes smooooth tomorrow.

  2. oh no! What a huge let down! But I do love your beautiful basket and darling Witchy mouse:) love Annette

  3. Oh how disheartening.
    I hope you have a better day tomorrow.
    Your basket is too cool, and Miss Mouse is going to be so cute.