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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bits and Bobs

I've gotten little bits done here and there.  I put the twisted cord and hedebo on the little thread winder holder from Jackie.

Now it is really done.

Then I worked away (mindlessly) on the Jubilee Pin Cushion.  I think I can finish the front today and move on the the back and side.  For some reason I really like the all over pattern of roses.  I like when cross stitch mimics fabric.

Then I put a few stitches in the pomegranate.  I made a mistake stitching this.  I forgot the directions about changing colors so I had a small fix to make:  taking out a line that was the wrong color in the wrong place.

Then I put in a few stitches in the latest Shepherd's Fold pin cushion.  I think this would be a good project to take with me on my trip this week.

I have been humbled.  I went looking for something and was reminded of the bags of stuff I bought this year and last year.  It was like "Oh, this is the bag of stuff I bought at The Attic".  This is the Spring Fling trip bag.  This is the bag from the first trip to Salty Yarns."  One bag was so full of stuff it tore.  I honestly don't need another thing to stitch.  Ever.  I guess I needed to be reminded of the stuff I have to stitch before I go shopping at Stitchville on Thursday.


  1. Shopping for stash is part of the fun of stitching. I don't get to go to the stores but do a good job of shopping on line. Stitchville looks like a wonderful shop.

    Love all your projects.

    Barbara in OKC

  2. But that's part of the fun............buying stash! lol