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Thursday, September 11, 2014

One More Time, With Feeling

The Salty Yarns Trip Day Two:
This is a repeat scenario of yesterday.  We are off again to the far away airport.  Same flight today that yesterday was cancelled.  As DH and I make our way into the airport we see that my plane is delayed.  Oh, no, not again.  This means I will miss my connection to Salisbury.  I am determined to get to Salty Yarns today.  Even if I have to fly to Montana to do it.  The delay today is not because of anything to do with our plane, thank goodness.  It is too much air traffic into Philadelphia.  Can I get on another flight to Salisbury?  There is one (one!) seat on the 8:35 p.m. flight.  I am listed as stand by for the 5:30 flight.  So yes, I get to Phildelphia.  I spend 9 hours in the airport.  I am lucky.  Two people got bumped due to weight restrictions off of the 5:30 flight.  They couldn't get on the 8:30 since it was full.  But I have a seat on that flight and someone is going to pick me up at the Salisbury Airport.  I like the Philadelphia airport.  Lots of hallways to walk.  A fairly large food court.  They have a Red Mango place that I've wanted to try.  I end up going there twice. I made two quite yummy sundaes with frozen yogurt.  I get on the 8:35 flight and get to Salisbury at 9:02.  That's how short a flight it is.  Salisbury is a teeny tiny airport.  Guess who comes to pick me up?  My friend Ginny and our teacher Jackie DuPlessis!  I can't believe I actually made it.  It is dark and 10 p.m. when we get to the Lankford Hotel.  I have a lovely room with a kitchenette and a porch.

 I breathe a sigh of relief.  It was a long day but I made it.  Tomorrow is class at 9 a.m.  I am very happy.

While I was at the airport I worked on my Besty Morgan kit, The Paint Box, which is another toy for the Toy Chest.
Class tomorrow, I can't wait!


  1. Hey! That room looks very like the one I had for the Betsy Morgan classes!
    Looking forward to hearing about your Jackie class

  2. Hello dear I am your new follower from sunny South Africa :)
    Sending you big beary hugs with smiles
    Cucki xx

  3. So sorry you had even more problems with your flight, but glad you arrived safe.
    Have fun at your class!