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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Little Bits

I made good progress yesterday on my stitching.  I got the tail done on the Sea Serpent.  Now all that is left is little bits here and there and a few buttons and backstitching.

I am almost done with the spring/front door side of Lindy Mouse's House.  I think I can finish it today.  Again, there are bits here and there and backstitching left to do.

The bottom side looks like it will be easy to do.  Then I can start putting it together.

I've been to the farmer's market and Walmart.  I am ready for my second cup of coffee and then playtime.
It is a lovely day today.


  1. Hi Amy
    Wow I see great progress.
    Have a good sunday.
    Happy xxx ciao Giovanna

  2. Beautiful stitches..
    Sweet hugs x