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Friday, September 26, 2014

A Small Finish

I finished up the small project to prepare me for Fair Maiden's Work Bag.  Do I dare start such a large project?  I'm still thinking about that.  But this little thread winder holder is sweet.

I still have to put some twisted cording and a hedebo on it.  I'm also still figuring how this works.  I think the twisted thread goes down inside under the scrim and up through a hedebo on the back so that you can pull the twisted cording popping out the scrim.  I'll have to check my photos and see.

I'm getting excited about my trip next week.  It's not a stitching trip as Son#1 is getting married but I do get to go shopping at Stitchville.  I'm making my list and thinking of what things I've made to take and show to my BFF.  She absolutely has to see my Casket Keepsakes Butterfly.  I want to make this again but as a pin.
I want to get together a little goodie bag for Claire.  It will be so fun to see everybody and especially Claire.

I finished the border on the front of the Jubilee Pin Cushion.  I started the band that goes around the edge of this mattress style pin cushion.  I also started the backstitching for the back.

 But now I see a slub in the linen.

 I think I'll start the back again in a different place on the linen to avoid that slub.
I hope your day is a lovely as mine.