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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Things I Forgot and Class Three

There are some things I forgot to tell you about the Class Two Day.  I'm good.  I get up at 5:00 a.m. (this is 7 a.m. my time) and mess around for an hour until 6:00 and then go walking at the strip mall that is right behind the hotel.  It is dark for the first half hour but then the sun comes up.  It is interesting to see all the stores in the mall.  Two places are busy even at this hour, Walmart and the 24 Hour Fitness Place.  I walk all five mornings that I am here.
 The Attic had a light dinner at their shop for all the retreat attendees.  So we headed over there after class but made two stops along the way.  There is a small quilt shop called Cabbage Rose.  They have all fabrics that I like!  It was fun to browse there.  I got a few fabrics that will be good to finish stuff and a kit to make a small purse.

Then there was a bead shop that we saw the other day that we wanted to shop at.  We were still looking for that rare kind of turquoise.  We had the former president of the EGA riding with us and she wanted to shop there too.  I got some very small multi-colored pearls.  I saw some on a Forget Me Nots in Stitches project a few years ago and wanted to try them on a project sometime.

So then we finally get to The Attic.  We shop for a few minutes when BFF tells us that there are 50 more people here than they were expecting and there's not enough food.  I think she is just teasing, but, no, she's right.  We are among the last to arrive and it is slim pickings food wise but we manage.  We shop a little more.  The Attic got in a chart that I was looking for just today so luckily I get one.  I also got the flosses I had forgotten the first time we were there.   I meet a lady who follows my blog.  It is always a treat to meet readers and know that someone enjoys what I write and stitch.  This person was with Amy Mitten when she bought the shell that she used as a pattern for the Mermaid Treasures shell.  What a small world!

Paola was in our class today!  I met her at Squirrel's Nest retreat last year.  She showed us some of the things she has stitched.  Oh, my.  What beautiful things she has done!  She had her completed(!) Along the River James.  Gorgeous.  She also has done Mistress L's Band Sampler.

That is on my wish list. Fabulous.  I also met Grace from the UK.  She is a blog reader and I got to see her Along the River James.  She shows me just how those pockets are finished.

 Jody from Minnesota was there (as were several other people I know from MN).  She had on this fabulous top that was cross stitched.  She got it from J Jill.  I promptly went to my handy dandy IPad and ordered one!  It is always great to see what other stitchers have and then be a copycat and get one too.  (It came in the mail yesterday and I love it)

Class Three - Ebony and Ivory
I was in a quandary.  Do I get the extra kit for the cylindrical holder and ort container?
I wasn't going to.  I already spent too much money.  But it is the last time Jackie is going to teach this class.  The ort container alone is great.  How can I resist?  I think about it overnight.  I decide that yes, I'll get it.
I have all the pre-stitching done.  Maybe I can finish something during class.  Again I am stymied by not having the right tools.  I work on the laying tool holder.  I made sure to bring my scallop scissors so I could finish it.  Cool, I finally finish something.

  Then I decide that I must work on that cute ort container.  This is how it looks all closed up:

This is how it looks open.

Yeah, I did it!
I worked on the needlebook but am not satisfied with how the ribbon on the edge looks.  I'm going to try redoing it.

I still didn't get as much done as I would have liked but I sure had fun today.
We go out to dinner at Bass Pro Shop with Paola and Stasi.  The restaurant is good - I am able to get grilled salmon.  Our waitress is from Australia or New Zealand.  Nobody in Arizona is from Arizona.


  1. Thanks for the report Amy. I am loving looking at your achievements as well as your purchases. It feels like you go to retreats to tempt me with even more delightful pieces. Wish I lived on your continent ;-)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time.
    Look at all of the great stash yopu acquired!
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.