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Saturday, November 2, 2013


All the pre-stitching for the Attic classes with Jackie DuPlessis is done!  I ended up taking out the first side of the UnPlayed Piano and replacing it with a bunny.

So here are all the pieces:

Then here are all the pieces for Ebony and Ivory.

I'm going to iron them all and then I can stick them in my suitcase.

Now back to the mermaids.  This seed stitch is going very slowly but I am making progress toward the top of the mirror.   My goal for today is to get the seed stitch done to the top of both mermaids.  Then I will be so close to being caught up on this project.

If I need a break, I think I'll try to get the finishing done for the Never Far Apart stocking.
I'm looking forward to that extra hour we get tonight.  I'm going to sleep in!

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  1. Can'y wait to see your completed pieces especially the ebony and ivory