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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


After nearly a week in Arizona, we headed back home.  Good-bye palm trees and warm weather.  DH warned me that it had snowed at home.

I have enough stuff to keep me busy for quite a while.  I have four class kits to finish and 5 other kits that I bought.  That doesn't even count what I bought at The Attic!  

I was expecting that I would get a new lesson for Mermaid's Treasures too.  One day after I got back, yep, a new lesson.  Actually we got two new parts: how to make the mirror and putting the first section of the mirror frame together.
It was interesting to make the mirror.  It looks like an old mirror when you get done.  Cool.

Then putting the frame together made all that work worth it just to see it finished.  Cool.

There isn't much left now.  I have been working on finishing up the stitching on the last section of the mirror frame. 

 I think I can get all of it done today.  I have to say, I hate working with the metallic cord that is the cloud of wind.  It is so small and keeps unthreading itself from the needle.  

Very frustrating.  It doesn't lay nicely and it likes to slip behind the linen.  But luckily there isn't much left to go.  I'm almost caught up.  Yeah!

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  1. It's looking good, can't wait to se it finished!