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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Smooth Operator

I made good progress on the mermaid mirror frame.  But I see a big problem in the not so distant future.  I have only one more strand of the floss called Smooth Operator Alibi.  That is the color needed for the seed stitch.  I don't think it will be enough to do the area I have left.  I guess I will have to order some from Amy Mitten.

I finish-finished the Never Far Apart stocking.  I lined it with material similar to the backing fabric.  Too bad there wasn't enough backing fabric left over to use for the lining.  But it turned out okay.  I usually put cording on the edge but this is a small stocking and I didn't think it needed it.

I went through a bunch of stuff I have looking for a chart and was reminded that I have too much stuff.  More stash than life expectancy.  I came across so many things that I really want to stitch.  I shouldn't buy anything else - ever.  Don't worry, that won't happen.

I loved having an extra hour last night.  It was light when I went walking.  I know it will be hard tonight when it gets dark sooooo early.


  1. Well done all finishing all the pre-stitching - I have finished my Piano, but not the Ebony & Ivory, tho' I may get some done on the 11 hour flight I am taking tomorrow!!
    Look forward to meeting you on Friday

  2. I like so much to see all your finishes, you are so fast...I'm so slow !
    Many, many compliments !
    About stash, your words seems mine but we well know it's impossible to not buy anything else :)))))


  3. Cute stocking. I'm in the same boat on stash. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg last weekend and I had to go to Haus Tirol after seeing that you went. They had several of the JBW ornaments stitched up and they are sooooo cute, I couldn't resist. I've admired the charts online for a while but seeing them in person did me in. Mind you, I do NOT need anymore Christmas ornament charts and I really do NOT need anything at all. We are collectors, too. That is my collection, it just doesn't sit out pretty on a shelf until I actually stitch it ;)