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Friday, November 1, 2013

Good Things

I was just getting ready to whine today.  I was going to whine about buying a casket seven months ago.  I still don't have it.  They were hoped to be delivered in October.  And it is November.  But - there was a photo posted yesterday showing the first ten flat topped caskets are ready to send!  Am I in the first ten?  I have no idea.  There will be an email sent out if you are one of the lucky top ten.  I'm still waiting.  I've got my fingers crossed.  It could happen.

Then the Attic's newsletter showed photos of some limited edition kits that Jackie DuPlessis is going to have available to people taking her classes next week at the Attic.  Cool.  They are always niftier in person too.  But I'm drooling over being able to get a couple if I'm lucky.

Then I saw the new online tutorial that is being offered by Amy Mitten, Casket Keepsakes.  I so enjoy her tutorials and she is able to help me do stuff I didn't think I could do.  So of course I had to sign up for those.  It looks like there will be other Casket Keepsakes offered for each season.  Cool.

So just when I think I'm almost done with all the really cool stuff to stitch, something nifty comes out.  What a lucky duck I am.

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