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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm Back

I got home late last night.  I almost don't know where to begin to tell you about my trip.  We had a very full week and had a wonderful time.
I guess I'll just start at the beginning.  I left early in the morning to go to Minnesota to meet my BFF.  We got to Arizona without a problem in the early afternoon.
Here are the "bugs" in the floor of the airport.

We took the car rental shuttle over to rent a car.  Why do I always get the "similar" car and not the one they show a picture of on their website??  I wanted a car like the one I drive but we got a different one.  BFF drives a lot for her work so she was the best one to be behind the wheel anyway.  Our goal today is to get to Cottonwood, Arizona.  We had the help of a GPS (thank goodness!).
One of our guilty pleasures is a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza.  So we looked for one along our way.  We saw a sign for one but had a hard time locating it in the strip mall.  We stopped to ask several people where it was.  The reply we got was the same, " I don't know.  We're not from here".  I don't think anyone is really from Arizona, they've all come just lately.  We finally found it.  I think the actual restaurants have better pizza than the just take-out Pizza Huts.  But I've blown my diet right off the bat.
On the trip to Cottonwood, the scenery is amazing.  Mountains, rocks, cacti, clear skies.  I had no idea that much of Arizona is at a high elevation.  The car struggled at times because of the elevation.  We saw a great sunset.

We wanted to go to a quilt shop in the area but by the time we got there it was getting late and dark. We couldn't find it anyway.  We only had to do a few u-turns today.  Travelling is exhausting.  We were really tired.  We're going shopping in Sedona tomorrow!


  1. I am pleased you got home safely. I have missed you! Like you I find it hard to keep eating healthy when I am travelling;-) Looking forward to seeing what you have purchased and stitched while you were away

  2. I'm glad to hear someone else gets exhausted travelling. I always feel like I should feel ready to go after sitting around in airplanes/airports doing nothing for hours (and often sleeping) but I'm always exhausted. Riding in a car is the same way. Glad you had a safe and fun trip!