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Monday, November 18, 2013

Class Four

Our last class was held on Monday, which was Veteran's Day.  Now sometimes I sign up for a class just because I'm already there and I might as well.  I may not be crazy about the project but I know that most projects look much better in person.  So I signed up for The Secret Garden without liking it that much.  I thought maybe I would change it up.  I was pleasantly surprised by this project.  It has four pockets.

  The design was influenced by Hampton Court.  I actually intend on making this.  However I have yet to take a single stitch in the main piece.  I made the little scissors fob.  Cute!

And I made the tree, a little weird.

There is a ton of floss in the kit.

Jackie says it is simple to put together and I believe it.  By this point in the retreat I was feeling overwhelmed with the kits and information we had gotten in the previous three days.  I spent some of the class working on one of the Ebony and Ivory pieces.
My BFF is very friendly.  She invited everybody at our table to go to dinner with us.  We are meeting a friend that we first met in Tulsa at the Silver Needle Retreat for dinner.  There are a total of 7 of us.
But first we have a mission.  Paola was asked by a friend for some snowflake charms.  Since there was a JoAnn's in the mall behind the hotel, we decided to look there before going to dinner at Famous Dave's.  We forgot that this was a semi-holiday.  JoAnn's had a special coupon for 60% off that day and there were a ton of people shopping.  The line for having fabric cut was huge.  It was fun just looking around.  We never did find the exact snowflake charms but hopefully the friend could use the ones we found.  I was walking by an abandoned shopping cart and was scared by this dish that was in the cart.  The hand comes up when someone walks near it.  It scared the you-know-what out of me.

Then we all went to Famous Dave's.  What we didn't realize was that Famous Dave was offering free meals to veterans.  There was a ton of people there.  Surprisingly we didn't have to wait that long for a table.  I had never been to this chain of restaurants.  You sit at a long table that has at least four different BBQ sauces and a roll of paper towels on it.  I was very happy to find grilled salmon on the menu.  The place was really loud.
We were sad to say good-bye to everybody.  But we had a really fun time.

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  1. The secret garden looks intriguing. What a pity Jackie doesn't live in New Zealand or that I don't live in the USA :-) I look forward to seeing the progress on this one and to how it closes up