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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The @&$%#UnPlayed Piano

I've been working on finishing the UnPlayed Piano.  It is not going well.  I made the interfacing sandwich with the mylar.  It didn't fit the side piece.  So I took (tore) it apart and started over.  I was so careful to follow the instructions but I misinterpreted them.  "Cut a piece of interfacing the size of your stitching",  I did that but then when I got to the part about going 4 threads beyond my stitching and sewing the interfacing to the linen, I realized my mistake.  My interfacing was only just the size of my stitching, it wasn't big enough to sew there.  So I started over.  I recut the mylar to fit my stitching.  It doesn't say how much room to leave between the mylar pieces.  So I guessed and tried to center it on each stitching area.  I got the top done and it looks pretty good.

So now the bottom.  I was not happy with the bottom piece of mylar.  How do you fold it?  The drawer part was way too big for the scrim piece.  Back to the drawing board.  I took out the mylar.  (Why is it 5 1/2 inches long?  That was way too long.   Am I missing something?)  So I cut three small strips of skirtex for the drawer instead.  I am still trying to figure out why the linen for the bottom piece is so long.

 When I got the bottom piece together, it was twisted.  It didn't match up with the top.  So again I took it apart.  I had a major goof when I was doing the bottom side.  I was putting it on upside down and cut it too short.  What to do?  Stitch it again?  Not if I can help it.  I sew a strip of linen back on hoping that it won't show very much.

I undid the stitching on this side and cut it down hoping the twisted effect would be better.  It was better but not perfect.  Nothing I stitch is ever perfect.

There aren't any instructions on tacking down the lining.  I don't have any instructions about the tool holder; we are supposed to remember what was described in class.  I don't remember hearing much about it in class.  So I'm winging it.  I'm going to work on it today and hopefully get it finished.
I went walking this morning in the cold and snow.  Now I remember why I want to live in a warm place.


  1. Take heart... we all have been there. It is just so exasperating to work so hard on something and then have problems with it at the end - especially when the embroidery is as nice as yours. So I agree - #$#^%%$. Usually by the time I have finished assembling something I have had a hard time with I just hate it and think it is the worst thing I ever have done in all my years with needle in hand! But ,in a few weeks when you look at it you will have forgotten all the problems and be able to appreciate just how beautiful it really is!

  2. I understand about the frustration with working with no directions or limited directions. I love Just Nan's Scream House. I looked at the directions in the Kit.. It's still in the package... lol Seems hard to piece together. Yours is so beautiful! Hope to see the finished piece.

  3. Wow! This is beautiful. I hope you can persist without too much frustration. Your crown with the A initial looks great.