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Friday, November 29, 2013


It is Black Friday but it feels like a Sunday for some reason.  I didn't get very much done yesterday but I learned that it takes a lot less time to cook a turkey in a convection oven.  The turkey got done way earlier than I expected but everything was fine.  I ate too much and I'll have to walk forever to make up for it.  I got to have my pumpkin pie.  For some crazy reason, the stuffing tasted especially good this year.  Then today I forgot to put on my FitBit so I don't get credit for all the walking I did at the Y.  Rats.  Oh well.

I put on the first coat of ivory on the step stool.  I'm a little scared to paint it wild and crazy colors.  But I figure if it looks awful, I can just paint over it and redo it.

I picked up the needle book of Ebony and Ivory, took off the ribbon edge and started over.

I am happier with the corners this time around but the ribbon only just meets at the top so I have to do something there to cover it up.  Three bows are added at the top to hold it all together.

I thought a great goal would be to finish off the main piece of Ebony and Ivory.  It is all stitched.  My challenge is that the sewing machine is moved and unplugged but I can sweet talk DH into putting it back for me.  I have to locate the back to the needlebook.  After cleaning stuff up, it is MIA.  I thought it was on the sewing table but didn't find it last night.  That's what happens when you clean up, you can't find anything.

Am I going shopping today?  Not a chance, unless it is cybershopping.  But I'm trying to be good and not spend money.  Not spending money is like holding your breath, you can only do it for so long.

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