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Sunday, October 27, 2013

We Have a Snail

I worked until I got it done.  As I say with most of my stitching, it's not perfect.  It is a little sloppy around the edge and the raised backstitching is not nearly as even as I would like.

 You learn a lot when you do something for the first time.  You learn what thread tension works best and what things to pay attention to.  If I were making the snail again I would do it way better.  For a first try though, it is pretty good.

I finally put the pins into my fish needle holder.  The pins on the snail's head make him top heavy and he doesn't sit up straight.

I finished the rectangle that will be the top of the UnPlayed Piano.  I am still deciding if something needs to go inside the rectangle.  That's what takes the most time, deciding.  I found a couple of motifs that I am putting on the back.  I really need to decide what to do on the four side panels.  Ten days until my trip.

I made up the little pumpkin I bought.  He is sort of scary.  I'll show you tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. The snail is so cute! Tension is always a learning curve with these three dimensional objects. You have done well.