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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One More Mermaid

I got one more mermaid stitched on the mirror frame.  She is frowning.

The mermaid on the other side is happy.  I'm thinking it is a good hair day/bad hair day thing.  The frowning mermaid is also a bit fatter than her counterpart.

So what do I have left?  The top design of clouds and wind and a whole lot of seed stitching.  We got an addendum to our finishing instructions for the snail.  We were shown a new way of lacing the sides together.  But I already did my snail!!!  Do I undo it?  Do I try to make another one?  The new way will make all the sides look more even and nice.  I don't want to take my snail apart.  Bad things can happen when you do that.  But I don't have the innards to make a new one either.  Unless I try to fashion some innards (is that really a word?)  I'm thinking......

I found design for the lower sides of the UnPlayed Piano.  One side is almost done and I like it.

This piano has several different styles of designs and I'm hoping they look good together.  I'm using the same floss so that is one unifying factor.

I leave one week from today for Arizona.  Can't wait!

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