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Sunday, October 20, 2013


I finished the stitching on the Stacy Nash project.

I want to put it together today.  The backing is ready, I finished that at the retreat.  So I just have to iron the stitching and decide whether I need some stiffening in it or if I can just work it with Warm'n Natural.  We'll see.

Then I put some stitching in various projects trying to find something interesting and fun.  I worked a bit on the Olde Colonial piece from the retreat.  I wanted to get beyond the over-one parts.  So I worked down far enough to do some over two.

I was feeling strong so I tackled taking some of the floss out of the Limited Edition Blackbird design.  I got most of the wrong color floss out and now I need to put the correct color in.  I will finish this!

Then I wanted to try different thread on the mirror frame of Mermaid's Treasures so I started a mermaid.  That is going well although it is so easy to get off a stitch.

I'm thinking I really need to do the pre-stitching on the Unplayed Piano.  A little over two weeks until the Attic classes.  I so want to change the design and the floss colors, that is what is holding me back from getting it done.
It is so hard to go walking in the dark.  So I waited until it was light to go walking in our local park.  I meant to take some pictures but I forgot my camera.  Maybe tomorrow.  I saw eight deer.

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