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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Virginia Trip - Day Two

Day Two in Virginia was all about shopping.  We went back to Colonial Williamsburg.  Yesterday we saw some shops that we wanted to check out and K hadn't been to Williamsburg before so she wanted to see what it was like.  You can walk around without buying a ticket, you just can't go into the buildings.  We found the perfect place to park, thanks to directions from the hotel clerk.  We walked to the Governor's House.  It is the largest and fanciest house.

 There are wonderful gardens in back of it.  Workmen were fixing something on the roof.  Here are some of the surroundings:

Just down the street are many shops.  It was fun to see the stuff they had although some of the gifts items are the same as we saw yesterday in the DeWitt Museum.  K posed with a statue.

We had the best lunch - an ice cream cone.
Williamsburg has the biggest strip mall of  Outlet stores that I have ever seen.  We had to go to the Longaberger and Brighton store.
Then we set out to find Haus Tyrol, a stitching shop.  After a few U-turns and detours we found it.  Each stitching shop has it's own style.  It was interesting to see what they had.  I got a Barbara Jackson kit.  You don't usually see those around.  I got a couple of other things and some linen.  I got to see the Just Nan Exclusive that is no longer available.

 We saw two ladies that were on their way to the retreat too.

Then we drove to Virginia Beach as Dyeing to Stitch was having an open house from noon to five.
There were lots of models on the walls.

Then we went to the Hotel Cavalier where the retreat was being held.  Everybody had to stay at the hotel.
I had a nice view from my room of the Atlantic Ocean.
 In the distance you can see the old Hotel Cavalier up on the hill.
Tomorrow the retreat actually begins at 2 with registration.  Can't wait!


  1. It was nice meeting you and chatting some Amy~ I hope to return in 2 years!

  2. Wow, what a mansion!
    Dyeing to Stitch looks pretty awesome.