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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Virginia Trip - Day Six

Now the retreat is over.  But we have all day before our plane leaves.  I walk one last time on the boardwalk and say good-bye to the ocean.  We ( BFF, K and I) decide to go back to Williamsburg's outlet stores.  There are a couple we want to browse (Clark shoes and Talbots).  We find the outlets after a few U-turns and detours.  After shopping we head to the airport in Richmond.  We return the rental car and have lunch in the airport.  It turns out that our flight to Detroit is late.  Uh-oh.  We are worried about making the second leg of our flight.  We don't have much time between flights.  We sit and stitch in the airport.  We get off about 45 minutes late.  I hope they make up time in the air.  There is a rainstorm as we get into the Detroit area.  I see a big lightening bolt hit the plane right outside my window.  That is scary!  We make a mad dash to our planes. Luck is with us, we make it in time.

It is great to be back home.  DH has surprised me with some food as he knows I haven't eaten.  How nice!
Here are some random pics from my trip.  This is the tile work outside of the bathrooms at Colonial Williamsburg's Welcome center:

This is an interesting fireplace at the DeWitt Museum:
This is some interesting jewelry from the bead shop near Dyeing to Stitch:
This is a kit I got at Williamsburg.  I didn't realize when I bought it that it is all done in queen stitches!  But I love strawberries.
I had a great time on my trip.  BFF and I know that we are really lucky to be able to go on trips like this.  And we get to do it again next month!
It is great to be with a group of people who like to stitch too.  I love seeing what other people are working on.  It is wonderful to sit and talk and stitch with friends.  I love the opportunity to shop for stitching stuff.  It is great to meet designers.  They are a fun bunch.  I am especially tickled to meet people who read this blog.  I met three of them on this trip.  (Hi Pat, Alice and Faye).  I have a whole bunch more stuff to stitch.  That's besides all my other WIP's!


  1. Thanks for sharing all your retreat adventures. I have considered trying to go to this retreat next year. Are the retreat attendee's responsible for all their meals? I also saw they have a charge for the companion buffet? Was wondering about that if you have moment and could let me know. Thanks!

  2. Glad you got home safe and sound Amy~~~ so nice to meet you too! Stay in touch~ Faye