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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Virginia Trip - Day One

I started off early Tuesday morning at the airport.  The plane trip was uneventful and mercifully short.  It only took a little over an hour to go from Detroit to Richmond, Virginia.  Awesome.  I met my friends in Detroit so I had company.
We rented a car in Richmond and our first destination was Williamsburg.  It is such a unique place.  I had been there before with my sister but it was many years ago and I had never been to the DeWitt Museum.  Some states have good signage so it is easy to find what you are looking for.  Virginia is not one of those states.  We made a few U-turns and detours but finally found the welcome/visitors center for Williamsburg.

The thirteen flags represent the 13 colonies.

A three dimensional map of Historic Williamsburg.

 The Welcome Center has two gift stores and a cafe where we ate lunch.  There was a guy dressed up like Benjamin Franklin who was hawking a book.  He was also handing out Ben Franklin "autographs".  We were lucky recipients of an "autograph".

The Welcome Center was able to tell us how to get to the DeWitt Museum.  A few U-turns and detours later we arrived.
It looks like such a small place when you first go in.
You get a ticket for the museum down in the gift shop.  We looked around and and bought some souvenirs.  It was fun to look through the museum.  What we wanted to see was samplers and embroidered items.  Nothing was on display!  They rotate the things in their collection and they only had a room full of Baltimore quilts.  The quilts were fantastic though.  We saw the exhibition on Threads of  Feeling.  It shows books of records of babies left at a London foundling hospital in the mid-18th century.  Parents left ribbons, fabrics  and notes in hopes of reclaiming a child.  It really was very sad.
On the way back to the car we saw some horses.  Horses aren't my thing.  They poop.  But BFF and K liked them.

We tried a new restaurant that none of us had been to before, Carrabba's.  It was good and I was able to get grilled salmon, my favorite.
It was a bit of a challenge to find our hotel.  But after a few U-turns and detours, we found it.  By that time, we were totally exhausted!
More tomorrow.


  1. Welcome back. Pleased to hear you had a great trip. I missed your daily 'reports' . Virginia sounds like a great place. We're there any needlework stores?

  2. I'm wanting to go to visit the state of Virginia one day.. Thanks for the warning of no signs and a lot of U turns. lol Hope to see more pictures!!

  3. Soundsl ike fun.
    I like the 3-D map.
    Thanks for sharing the pics.