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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Virginia Trip - Day Four

I'm so excited to go to class today.  But I am good.  I get up early and walk the boardwalk.  I have an hour to walk before meeting BFF for breakfast.  I'm hoping to get down to the Neptune statue which is near the middle of the boardwalk.  It doesn't take too long and so I go a bit further, down to the Norwegian Lady statue.  The walk is wonderful.  I watch the ocean as I walk and see dolphins.

 There are a couple of ships out there too.  The sun is just coming up.  It is so beautiful.  What a great place to walk!  The weather is great, I don't even need a sweater.

I was hoping for the breakfast buffet this morning.  This is the off-season for Virginia Beach.  Their cook didn't show up this morning so no buffet.  Whatever.

Our first class starts at 9:30 with Pam Reed of Olde Colonial Designs.  It is fun to start a new project.  I was happy that we didn't start with basting.  We start with the border.  I decide to alternate colors on the border.  This means I'll need to get some more of the Weeks gold color.  I work diligently on the project and get a good start.

Class is over at 12:30.  Many people head for the Boutique as Stacy Nash's stuff is there now.  The boutique is only open an hour here and an hour there.  But I've had my fill of overcrowded small rooms and lines.  No thanks.
BFF and I decide to head for the shop (again!) to get the floss color we need.  Pat of R & R Reproductions mentioned that the restaurant next to the shop has great crab rangoon and I really want to try it.  I have a thing for crab rangoon even though it isn't exactly on my diet.  The restaurant also has pot stickers (they call them fried dumplings), another weakness of mine.  I intend on only eating a couple of the rangoon but end up eating them all.  Oink.
We have the rest of the afternoon to stitch out on the hotel patio.  It is the best fun to sit with friends and talk and stitch.
There is a dessert buffet on the top floor and project with Stacy Nash this evening.  I love getting a whole new kit.  It is a thread holder.

We start the project.  Most are stitching and get the little dog done.

 I start with covering the board with batting and fabric.

 I get it finished and then start the design.  We are the last table to go up for dessert.  I get the carrot cake but don't really like it.  I get a chance to talk to some other people I know.  We exchange information about various retreats.  Spring Fling is full already and there is a waiting list!  We make plans to go out to breakfast at Pocohantas Restaurant with Jeannette Douglas the next morning.
Again I am exhausted and fall into bed.  Another fun day.

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