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Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am sewing together the triangles for the sides of the Christmas Workshop. It is going well, that is, everything is fitting together.
The play yesterday was great. Those kids had all their lines down pat and did a great job. Very enjoyable. When you are dealing with people though, it is so hard when you are an early person and they are a late person. I went to pick up Halona and she was in the shower. ARGH. When she was finally ready we got into the car with her friend. They were hungry. They hadn't had lunch and only a banana for breakfast. So we had to find a quick place to drive through - three miles away - the opposite direction from where the play is. I worry about getting to the play on time, finding a place to park downtown, getting nice seats (three in a row), etc. We are going through the drive through and it is time for the play to start. I'm going nuts inside but trying to be calm and happy on the outside. So I am trying to resign myself to the fact that I can't do anything about it and we will be late. It is driving me crazy! We finally get to the play and I actually manage to find a parking place (miracle) and we run to get in. It hasn't started yet! Yeah! It is the first performance and they start late! Whew! But there weren't three seats together so we had to split up. I know I must be a little obsessive. I would rather be half and hour early than one minute late.
Breathe deeply, let it go. I had boys. I hear girls are often late. But good grief, everybody can tell time!
I think I will start the Prairie Schooler Animal Alphabet name "Leda" today. That will be fun and I want to get it done before she is too old!

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