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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well, I was wrong about whose letters I am using. It is Sisters and Best Friends "Just Letters". I chose an overdyed Waterlilies "Lavender Blue". I read another blog yesterday that reminded me that you don't have to complete each stitch when using overdyed threads. You get less of a variation in color. But that is what I wanted, a mottled color, not stripes. I imagine I will get it done today as it is going very fast. I am bothered by the "e" being taller than the round part of the "d". I may try adding a couple of stitches and see how it looks. I had to frog some of it. Since I am not doing the background and I evidently can't count passed 6, I messed up the placement and had to take out the "e" and start it again. I plan on framing it, although it would be a cute pillow. Then decisions, decisions, I have to figure out what to work on next. I have many little cute things. A small humbug looks fun and quick.
It is a rainy day and we might get some *snow*. ICK. I hope not.
No sweet and sour pork yesterday. DH said the pork was thawing out but it wasn't. I thought we had water chestnuts, we didn't. So we had the old reliable spaghetti. Top Chef tonight.

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