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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rainy Day

It is raining today but that is good. It is melting the snow. DH would like the ice to melt off of the driveway so that it is not such an ice rink.
I got the last piece in the puzzle. My flights are booked to Celebrations. Yeah! I really am going. I'm hoping to get an email telling me that they received my registration. 51 days to go.
I have only a couple rows of beads and Eddy is all beaded. I think I said that yesterday. But my goal today is to finish him completely. I know there are some loops of beads at various sites on his body. But I don't think that will take too long. Then I have some ultrasuede to line him with.
I worked on the Gay Ann Rogers heart most of yesterday mainly because it was handy. To work on anything else I would have to go looking for parts which means I am basically lazy.
I even read some this week. Cutting for Stone is a long book. Close to 700 pages. So I am not quite half way through it. I am on the third disc (5 episodes per disc) out of seven for In Treatment. Saturdays there is such a lack of anything on that I will probably watch several episodes today.
The pharmaceutical experiment was successful! I like the lotion created and think it works well. Now if I can just talk DH into trying some....

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