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Sunday, March 6, 2011

All Beaded Out

Well, I wanted to finish Eddy yesterday. It didn't happen. I discovered that there are somewhere around 36 loops of beads each one 4 to 6 inches long on his tail. That is a lot of beads to be strung. So I quit when I got tired of beading. Tomorrow is another day and I'll get back to it. So then I sifted through the laundry basket and got out the Dragonfly Box. I worked on finishing the border on the second long side. Then guess what it needed? Beads! So I beaded the border till I could bead no more. Makes me want to just stitch something easy, regular, without complications, simple. Well good luck with that.
I got my confirmation for Celebration of Needlework. I love having something to look forward to. Good shopping for all things cross stitch will be heaven.
I woke up wondering when Daylight Savings happens. So I looked on the calendar and low and behold it is next Sunday. Whoa, that is early and soon. Just when it starts to be light in the morning we screw it all up again.
Our rain turned into snow yesterday and there is a coating of white again. At least it isn't the two feet of snow expected in the Minneapolis area. It seems strange not to have the worst weather around.
I found a pin to put on my Keepsake Heart. I have a cameo that would look good but it is a hair too big. I think I need to go put some more beads on Eddy.

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